Voice acting

1000 Tiny Claws

In this cutscene from the 1000 Tiny Claws game, Mr Yoho outlines his amazing plan to send the Swarm back to where they came from to Captain Bluebell and a nonplussed (but still enthusiastic) Rana. This scene is © Mediatonic Ltd, used with their kind permission). All audio design, voices and music done by me (except Rana, who was voiced by an actress).

Epic Intro

This project began as a voiceover audition. The brief was "to record a few lines in a grizzled voice that sounds like Solid Snake from Metal Gear". I took this concept further to include music and a dialogue, in an attempt to create atmosphere, set a scene, and convey the impression of an established plot and an eventual epic conflict.

In the end, I wanted to create the kind of piece you could imagine being the soundtrack to a game trailer